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Centre for IMT-GT Subregional Cooperation (CIMT)

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The Advisory Committee is CIMT's highest body with overall responsibility for policy direction and supervision. The Committee consists of one National Secretariat Senior Official from each IMT-GT member country. The Director of CIMT acts as Secretary to the Advisory Committee.

As IMT-GT programmes and activities are private-sector driven, the Advisory Committee also incorporates a representative member from the Joint Business Council (JBC). In practice, when the Advisory Committee Meeting is held in one of the IMT-GT country, the JBC chairman of that country becomes the official representative for the JBC. His two other counterparts (respective JBC country chairman) are also invited to the meeting.

The Advisory Committee has the following responsibilities:

  1. To advise on the organisation structure, provide policy guidance and directions for CIMT;

  2. To approve CIMT's rules, procedures and regulations;

  3. To monitor CIMT's operations and implementation activities;

  4. To undertake any other function as and when necessary to help CIMT to achieve its tasks, roles and objectives.

The Advisory Committee meets at least once a year in conjunction with the IMT-GT Senior Officials Meeting. Additional meetings may be called for by the Chairman at the request of any member of the Committee or on the advice of the Secretary.

Centre for IMT-GT Subregional Cooperation (CIMT)
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