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Connectivity Corridors

The IMT-GT Roadmap identified four economic connectivity corridors (ECCs) as key to support increased trade, investment and tourism through strengthening regional connectivity. These are the (i) Extended Songkhla-Penang-Medan; (ii) Straits of Melaka; (iii) Banda Aceh-Medan-Pekanbaru-Palembang; and (iv) Melaka-Dumai. Development of these economic corridors was declared a Flagship Project of IMT-GT at the 13th Ministerial Meeting in September 2006. Subsequently, a fifth maritime corridor, Ranong-Phuket-Aceh has also been identified by IMT-GT.

Three studies on the ECCs have been completed:

  • Expanding Horizons: A Study on the Development of the Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT) Economic Corridors
  • The study, completed in September 2007, was a preliminary assessment of the opportunities, constraints and challenges to developing the subregion's connectivity and thus strengthening its growth potential.

  • Logistics Development Study of the IMT-GT
  • The study, completed in April 2008, focuses on the identification of logistical costs and constraints on the Economic Connectivity Corridors.

  • Maritime Sector Study of IMT-GT
  • The study, completed in August 2008, presents a mapping of maritime links within IMT, including existing cargo and passenger movements, port capacities, and CIQ constraints.

IMT-GT Trade, Investment, and Tourism Database (ITITD)

The ITITD follows a 2-stage approach with staggered deliverables, (1) a baseline database; and (2) a more definitive customized "IMT-GT" database by the end of the 3rd quarter 2009. Stage 1 consists of (i) the development of database framework; (ii) data gathering and encoding of data; and (iii) uploading of baseline database at the IMT-GT website. Stage 2 includes (i) enhancement, analysis, and design of the customized database format (May-August 2009); (ii) consultation meetings with Governments and end users; and (iii) uploading of new datasets to the website (October 2009).

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